Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Who the hell is Milo Yiannopoulos?

Who cares?  A bunch of kids are freaking out over this One Trick Pony (hint, the trick is he's incessantly politically-incorrect) at UC Berkeley right now as I type. This is a man who makes a living saying provocative things on college campuses.  That's his shtick.  It's all over the news right now.  I had no idea how much time had gone by since my last post!  So, at least Milo reminded me.


Here comes the regulatory rollbacks!
From the WAPO...
On Wednesday, the House passed two resolutions largely along party lines to overturn Obama-era rules. One resolution, which passed 231 to 191, would reverse new Securities and Exchange Commission requirements that oil, gas and mining companies divulge more information about business payments they make to foreign governments. A second, adopted by a vote of 228 to 194, would overturn a Bureau of Land Management regulation barring coal-mining companies from conducting any activities that could permanently pollute streams and other sources of drinking water. ... 
In addition to endorsing the two rule disapprovals by the House on Wednesday, the White House endorsed overturning rules allowing the Social Security Administration to provide certain records on people with a history of mental problems for inclusion in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, as well as rules on government methane emissions and contractor labor certifications. ...
Fun read.

Here's my question... well, questions... republicans, conservatives, libertarians, Trump supporters - tell me what's good about any of those five items cited above?  Is it a good thing that energy companies can obscure their involvement with foreign interests?  Mining pollution?  Do we need more of that?  Now?  At a time when the coal mining industry is shrinking anyway?  Do we want seriously mentally ill people to purchase firearms?  Should the government not set the standards for labor and pollution when it contracts?

Please explain to me how this is making America great, again?



  1. Please explain to me how this is making America great, again?

    They are steps in the direction to allow the wealthy and powerful to do whatever they dsamn well please and face few consequences for their actions. Regardless of thge negative impact to the environment or people.

    trump and multi bilion dollar industries making Amerika great again.

    Smart regulation is neccessary, bad regulkations are not. Of course the trick is in identifying which is which.

    1. My apology for the misspellings. Was interrupted several times while typing and was in a hurry.

  2. Jersey,

    I'm going to tap in on the Berkley fiasco, since I'm from California. But to be real clear, I'm from Southern California, 500 miles away from that fiasco. Whether you're liberal or conservative, I think we'll both agree that incident was an embarassment to how we as a society are behaving. While you and I are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, the fact that we're both shaking our heads in disbelief and saying enough of this shows that we both have a sense of civility deep in our bones. I don't mind protests as long as they are civil and respectful. That, on the other hand, was uncalled for. Berkley is in an area of extreme left territory, and while the administration wanted to prove (or perhaps showboat) that they will somehow tolerate opposite views, the bad attitude of the nasties won this round. Don't worry Jersey, I don't consider you part of the nasties. The nasties are far left extremists who incite violence to showboat themselves. No one here condones them, right Jersey?

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    1. Milo intentionally riles up the kids and that's why this kind of stuff happens. They were apparently behaving themselves until a group of "anarchists" came along and turned it into a mess. This sort of thing happens wherever he goes. It's what he does. You don't really think the Berkeley college republicans invited him to speak on tech start-ups, something he's actually qualified to discuss, do you? They know the reactions he gets. This isn't new. I don't find any of it important in any way at all. Puerile distraction. I am not the least bit impressed with a man who makes living riling up easily offended kids.


  3. Inciting violence does indeed make make one a "nasty". Or as some people would choose to say, as*holes.

  4. If it's true that George Soros is secretly paying off some trolls to incite riots, I hope he booby traps himself one day, gets caught and lands himself in the pokey with Tiny, Momo and Big Bubba. Just so you know, Soros has been banned from entering and doing business in Singapore. Their government wants nothing to do with him, and anyone caught trying to do business with him faces criminal prosecution in Singapore. Soros has a bad international reputation of instigating violent riots for his own personal financial gains.

    1. George Soros is paying Milo to incite riots? Who knew.

      Anyway, this delusion that Soros is behind any violence in the U.S from Ferguson to Berkeley is asinine. Other fringe right wingers think he was behind the women's march.
      I bet fringe right wing Atlanta fans think he was behind that bozo Dan Quinn not going with the running game late.
      It's sad that you consistently fall back on such a silly idea.

      Can you name some of the riots he has instigated fro personal gain?
      What did he gain from funding the Ferguson and Berkeley riots?
      Bore me later.

  5. By the way, mystere are we making America great again by allowing recipients who have been deemed unable to manage their own affairs due to "marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease" purchase firearms.

    I can see why allowing mining interests to dump coal slurry into drinking water will make us great again but I'm curious about your position.
    You think it will bring the jobs back (LMAO)?