Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'm Back

I'm back.  I have no excuse, as my good buddies have churned away for years and are now retiring from posting, I have decided I will return to posting, something I haven't done regularly in years.

"Jersey McJones" was a moniker I picked out of thin air on the Hannity board back in the very early 2000's, when I first started blogging, mostly against the war and the then-GOP One Party State.  ANYONE REMEMBER THAT?  Anyways... The "Darths" as they were known back then (co-opting the negative connotation liberals had ascribed to Dick Cheney), kicked me off.  So I went through a bunch of other monikers, and kept getting kicked off, so I moved on, but I took Jersey McJones with me.  It was the name the Darths all knew me by.  Jersey McJones was banned again, this time by Gillespie over at Hit 'n Run.  So much for Reason.  The Confederate Yankee even tried to get me in trouble at my work, until my IT buddies stepped in and put a quick stop to that sleaziness.

For many years now, I have only commented, and only on a few blogs that I like (see the listed).  One's I mainly agree with, I read, but rarely if ever comment.  They're there more for your perusal.  I prefer to debate.  And Lord knows we have a lot to debate about.

First let me say, I am glad Donald Trump won the election.  He has already mobilized more popular support for the Left than Bernie Sanders to the tenth.  I am not glad to see the GOP back in charge of literally everything.  If their main complaint is that government doesn't work, than perhaps it is they who are making that so, for it is they who have been the majority party at the local, state, and federal level for decades now.  It is no coincidence, in my anything but humble opinion, that the country has been in the doldrums ever since.  Now they have even more power.  How badly will they use it?  What about Trump?  What happens when they fail spectacularly?

So let's start off like that.  I'll deck out the page more in coming days.



  1. Interesting how you picked your moniker. I always thought that was your real name.

    I'm glad Trump won, too. Adieu to Professor O'Bungle. We should pray in a synagogue every day that this nation has survived that historical failure!

  2. Hey Jersey! I think while we disagree, we'll have some fun! Hey, maybe we'll even talk about some things like great food and music?

  3. Hey Jersey, good to see you blogging again! I'll be sure to drop in regularly. Assuming of course you stay at it. Hope you do.

    Can't say there's much I disagree with in your comeback post, other than I ain't glad trump won. He's a loose canon and could do almost irrepairable damage to our republic and demolish our civil liberties.

    Anyway stay cool and we'll catch ya on the flip side.

  4. Hey Rational National,

    Trump can't do any more damage than Hellhound Hillary and Professor O'Bungle. They touched off the greatest humanitarian crisis in 100 years and set a record for sub-par economic growth.

    Despite you and your fellow screaming Pussy Paraders, President Trump and the American People will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  5. Jersey, it seems as though you've attracted the irrational idiots of the alt-right to your newly minted weblog activity.

    Their purpose? To destroy any attempt to actual honest debate. In other words to turn it into a cesspool not unlike Lisa's WYD.

    If this happens I won't be back.

  6. Oh, it's so good to see you all here! I didn't even get up until 1:30 today! Fuckin' chemo sucks!

    I will continue regularly. I have no excuse now. I'm down for the foreseeable future. No more working endlessly until this whole lymphoma thing gets cleared up. It was too far along to make it easy to get rid of. But I will get rid of it, and I will use some of my new-found time to keep this going.

    Next post up next!


    1. I admire your tenacity and your "I can beat this sh*t" attitude Jersey. You will beat it My friend. I'm sending positive healthy vibes your way bro.

      Keep the faith.

  7. Hey Jersey,

    Keep up the fight against cancer! God will help you stay healthy.

    Mr. E.

  8. Hey there Jersey! I'm sure you've seen me on Lisa's site and Leticia's old site as well. I also followed you on Western Hero, but I don't have a Disqus account. And sadly, Lester Liberalmann likes to hijack my moniker to hurl vile insults and post his photoshop pornography onto a bunch of sites, in case you ever saw anything vile posted under my name. Mystere moderates comments on the sites we use Disqus on. I'll be popping in from time to time over here. Just do all of us one huge favor by not letting Lester Liberalmann post on your site, whether he calls himself This One, Liberalmann, Lester or any other name. He'll just end up dragging your blog down the sewer. Mystere has kicked his retorts out of our sites often because they were vile and sometimes pandered to perverts. And by the way, keep up the good fight against cancer!


    Rattrapper's MyFox Trappings
    mystere's moonbat slayer club
    Liberal Troll Watch
    Liberalmann Is A Dingbat
    Hillary Clinton Watch
    And a few more joint blows …


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